Sunday, 27 July 2014

Solar Garden

Last week was a busy and productive week! I started the week in the Solar Garden, where a group of us lifted the existing mixed bedding, which had run its course, and we continued with the normal procedure of forking over the bed and adding mushroom compost.  In addition to prepping the soil, we also extended the bed edge out about a foot.  We did save some of the persisting cornflowers,  which we cut and bunched for sale on the front porch. 

Lifting existing bedding

We thought through some different planting schemes, but we (Fergus) decided on Canna indica 'Purpurea', Cosmos (white), Tagetes cinnabar, Zinnia Benary's Giant Salmon, Salvia  bonfire, and Zinnia Zowie Yellow Flame.  I'm excited to see how it works! 

New planting done

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Northiam Horticulture Society Judging

Recently our local horticulture society had a summer social event with a flower show that Ed and I were asked to judge. As it was my first time judging such an event, I was a bit nervous. It's a smaller show than their spring show, with only two categories. The first category was one flowering specimen and the other a mixed foliage display.  It wasn't as bad as I anticipated, and was actually fun and a good experience. 

The evening also included a rather challenging plant identification and garden photography competition. It's great that these sort of groups still exist and that they continue such a rich tradition, while encouraging a younger generation to become involved.