Thursday, 9 January 2014

Glasshouse Duty

As I've mentioned previously, one of my ongoing duties during the year is looking after the Hot House. Last week I had some rare free time to do a bit of tidying. 

We're starting to get significant new growth on the cuttings, which means I'm frequently adjusting spacing (not that I have much room to spare!). Also, as more plants begin to flush out, air circulation becomes a bigger issue. We've had lots of rain and strong wind the last couple weeks, neither of which are conducive for opening the house, with so many cuttings inside. Thankfully, there are always breaks in the weather.  I'm getting used to stopping in the middle of whatever I'm doing when I need to go open or shut the house. The more venting I can do now, the better, before the weather starts to go cold--so far, daytime temperatures have been pretty mild. 

Exciting to see new growth...

...on top and beneath! 

I'm enjoying the challenges and rewards of looking after this house; it's great experience as I continue to learn.

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