Monday, 14 March 2016

Another season, another adventure...

Some things don't change, such as the long intervals between my blog posts. Since my last post I have finished my time at Chanticleer- I can't thank them enough for all the opportunities they provided for me. It was such a monumental time in my training, from the scholarship at Great Dixter, to the 11+ months of working with the very talented lot at Chanticleer, to the many garden visits and lectures they allowed me to be part of-- experiences I'll always remember and draw upon for the rest of my life. 

Moving on is sometimes hard but also exciting. When you push yourself towards new goals and further pursuits, it not only sustains momentum, but it honors your past accomplishments and those who helped make them possible. 

Well, currently, pushing myself further, I am taking 2 months to work with Peter Korn in his garden outside of Gothenburg, Sweden. Over the next several weeks I hope to write about my experiences here and some of the quite interesting and rather unique approaches Peter takes to gardening and growing some of the more special and rare plants you may ever see all in one spot! 

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